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The only form application that allows the user to capture video as an answer to a question.

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If you’ve had to make forms or surveys in the past, you’ve probably noticed the many limitations of today’s options. These limitations severely limit the quality of feedback for your business. They also take forever and are terribly inconvenient. Because of this, we’ve taken the best features of other apps and created this easy to use, all-in-one solution. Simply create all your forms and surveys with iGotForms, and have them filled out on the go by anyone.


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To get started, create your individual form by tapping “create a new form.” After naming your form, quickly add questions by tapping the “plus” icon. Questions can be anything you want; including, text or check boxes, radio buttons, ratings, and more! When you’re all finished, simply tap “submit” to easily share it with your people. Need a survey instead? Follow the exact same form process to create a survey. It’s really that easy.


A few of the innovative features you’ll fall in love with.

Video integration/

Revolutionary interface allows users to answer questions in just about any way possible, including video. iGotForms is truly the pioneer of video answering.

Power of paperless/

Tired of paperwork? Go paperless with iGotForm’s, Just a few taps and you’re on the way. Let’s ditch the clip boards.

Mobile & Cloud/

iGotForms is everywhere, in your pocket wherever you go!

/Photo responses

iGotForms allows users to also answer questions with a photo. Photos can be uploaded from the user’s device library, or from a new snapshot while answering. Photo responses opens the door to even more types of questions you can ask, with even better results.

/Robust analytics

What’s the point of gathering all this relevant data for your business if you can’t even use it? That’s why iGotForms has implemented the most powerfully robust survey results in the industry. Looking for a competitive advantage? This is it. Analyze graphs, see what questions are being skipped, find out who is and who isn’t participating, or see the statistics from each individual question responses.

Plans & Pricing

The basics are always free. Upgrade for more powerful features.



  • 10 Questions / Form
  • 10 Forms
  • Unlimited Submissions
  • Fill up Shared Forms
  • No Branding
  • Email Support


$9.99 / month

$99.99 / year

  • Unlimited Questions
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Unlimited Submissions
  • Fully Access Shared Forms
  • Add Your Own Branding
  • Premium Support

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Beautiful, simple and easy to use UI design.

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Evolving with purpose and setting the iGotForms standard.

Romel Bhanti

“Founder, Lean Thinker, Business Strategist”

Maulik Vekariya

“iOS application developer and UI/Design”

Mehul Ranpara

“Android application developer”

Satish Bhadja

“API, web UIs developer and DBA”

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